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What We Do and Why

POGO's Congressional Oversight Initiative supports and enhances Congress's ability to conduct effective oversight. We offer trainings, an expert network of veteran former investigators, and hundreds of informational resources for congressional oversight staff. This nonpartisan initiative uses POGO's unique expertise to bring Democratic and Republican staff together for trainings and other events with experts from both parties.

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Monthly Staff Training

These monthly seminars educate Hill and other legislative branch staffers about the oversight powers of Congress and how to use those powers effectively.

Customized Staff Training

Tailored to the needs of a congressional office, trainings range from basic oversight training for new staff to primers on the functions and history of an agency, and more.

Oversight Handbook

A practical guide to conducting real congressional oversight and investigations, from the drawing board to the hearing room and beyond.

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Oversight Resources

Tip Sheets, databases, sample letters, and other resources to aid congressional efforts to conduct effective oversight and investigations.

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Oversight Clerkships

We recruit talented law students and recent grads for congressional clerkships assisting oversight and investigations.

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media inquiries

Ari Goldberg
Phone: (202) 347-1122

training inquiries

Danni Downing
Phone: (202) 347-1122


Justin Rood
Phone: (202) 347-1122

I can’t thank you enough for the resources that POGO provides. I’m always very sore when I can’t make it to one of your valuable seminars!
Congressional Training Seminar Participant

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